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"Occupational Therapy integrates sensory systems, primitive reflexes, and development so a child can attend to new information for learning, behaviors, and social skills for living every day to the fullest." Deborah Herzog, OTR/L



Deborah Herzog, OTR/L 

Baby and Child Development Expert

Deborah Herzog, OTR/L is an Occupational Therapist and the founder of St. Nicholas Children’s Therapies in Roeland Park, Kansas. While she treats a wide range of areas and disorders, her specialties are learning disabilities, ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, social skills, visual perceptual with the eyes working together for learning and reading, sensory processing, primitive reflexes, and development of the client’s sensory system for increasing abilities to take in and process new information.

            Deborah is an adjunct faculty at Cleveland University and a presenter at area groups.                              


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Sensory Integration, Behaviors & Academics: How they relate

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Parents & Children Recommend St. Nicholas Children's Therapies


5/2019 “My child is writing with more ease and more quality and quantity at home and in the classroom."



 1/12/20  "Our child was tearing and tiring when she practiced her reading and writing skills. She no longer tears and is excited about reading to her brother.  I feel that removing this barrier helped her succeed in school. Deborah was able to identify areas of improvement no other OT had seen.  She was skillful and varied in her approach.  Every therapy session was a game.  We truly appreciate Deborah’s dedication to our child’s success."



12/27/19  "My child seems to be more coordinated and self-sufficient in getting dressed, etc.  Better eating etiquette.  And not as hesitant to read".  


1/10/20  "After I did the exercises, I did my homework faster and didn't yell".  


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