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"SNCT remediates core neurodevelopment, regulates sensory processing, and integrates primitive reflexes so your child can attend to new information for learning, adapting behaviors, and navigating social skills for living every day to their fullest." Deborah Herzog, OTR/L


Welcome to St. Nicholas Children's Therapies! 

At SNCT, every child has the ability to express him or herself to the fullest. We are committed to providing client-centered care so that your child thrives in the occupation of life.

St. Nicholas Children's Therapies provides Occupational Therapy that taps into your child's potential through Occupational Therapy Evaluations, Interventions, Parent and Child Education and Coaching, and Conferences with Schools/teachers/other professionals. St. Nicholas Children's Therapy uses a Welcoming Home Environment. It's like going to a friend’s house to play and learn. In each session, your child will feel they are playing, yet building core development to gain skills for large and small motor planning and learning! Your child teaches us how to better help them so you can enjoy your child and family time. 



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