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Learning disabilities and Executive function

SNCT remediates core neurodevelopment that rewires the brain so that your child processes incoming auditory and visual sensory information to attend to, process, organize, plan, sequence, and complete schoolwork, including forming thoughts for writing.

social skills Self-Regulation


SNCT remediates core neurodevelopment to rewire the brain. Then teaches your child social skills and self-regulation

to use in a variety of environments.


SCNT remediates core neurodevelopment of primitive reflexes so that your child processes incoming auditory, visual, and tactile information.

Then your child will increase attention to complete their tasks.

eyes working together for reading

SNCT remediates core neurodevelopment for visual motor coordination and visual perception so your child's eyes work together to interpret incoming visual information for pre-academics, reading, and comprehension.


SCNT remediates core neurodevelopment that rewires the brain to coordinate and process incoming sensory information through the eyes so that your child can better interpret symbols, letters, and words for reading and comprehension.

sensory processing

SNCT remediates core neurodevelopment,  including primitive reflexes so that your child correctly interprets incoming sensory information and responds with desired responses for sleeping routines, tolerating food textures, filtering sounds and light, and focusing. 

Developing the sensory system

Primitive reflexes 

SNCT remediates core neurodevelopment, sensory systems, primitive reflexes so that your child has higher level skills for schoolwork, adaptive behaviors, social skills, self-regulation, and motor coordination.


SNCT remediates core neurodevelopment. Then teaches your child flexible thinking for perceiving situations and responding  appropriately.

motor coordination

SNCT remediates core neurodevelopment so your child develops the motor coordination needed for writing, cutting, typing, functional mobility, sports, physical movement, and health and wellness. 

St. Nicholas Children's Therapies Services

SNCT integrates sensory systems, reflexes, and development so your child attends to new information and lives life to the fullest.

SNCT specializes in Occupational Therapy that remediates learning disabilities, executive function, attention, dyslexia, social skills, self-regulation, anxiety, motor coordination, and the eyes working together for reading, sensory processing, and developing the sensory system to take in and process new information.
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