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I am Deborah Herzog, OTR/L, CPRCS
Occupational Therapist

I am an Occupational Therapist and the founder of St. Nicholas Children’s Therapies. I hold a National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy with emphasis in pediatrics and certification in primitive reflex clinical specialist.  Graduated from the University of Kansas Medical Center. I have 29 years of experience. 6 years in schools with professional and personal experience working with children who struggle with reading, learning, sensory processing, social skills, anxiety, maladaptive behaviors, and self-regulation. While I treat and help remediate a wide range of neurodevelopmental diagnoses and disorders, my specialties are learning disabilities, Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, social skills, anxiety, and maladaptive behaviors, visual perceptual for reading, sensory processing, primitive reflexes, and development of the client’s sensory system for increasing abilities to take in and process new information.


 I have been on the faculty at Cleveland University in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program and a presenter at area developmental groups.


Maggie Ansley, photo.jpg
Maggie Ansley, COTA/L

Hi! My name is Maggie Ansley, and I'm a new-grad Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant. I received my degree at Crowder College in Webb City, MO, before moving up to Kansas City. I am beyond excited to start my journey with St. Nicholas Children's Therapies!  

Sharon Bradley, COTA/L

My name is Sharon Bradley.  I have been a Certified Occupational Assistant for 17 years.  I have licenses in Kansas and Missouri.

I am very passionate about helping children and their families become more knowledgeable about the benefits therapy has in their lives.  Children should be able to thrive in their daily activities.  I will help guide the children to their full potential in sensory, emotional, coordination, and educational strides.  

I am a proud mom of three adult children, and I have a grandson.  I love singing and flower gardening and spending time with family and friends. 

I am excited to be part of this innovative and collaborative team at St. Nicholas Children’s Therapies. 

Chelsie Stotts, COTA/L

Hello, my name is Chelsie Stotts. I’m a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant and graduated from Brown Mackie in 2013. I’m a wife and a mom of two young boys (5 and 3) that keep me very busy. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, staying strong with Peloton, cooking, and traveling with my boys. I’m excited to continue my passion for Occupational Therapy and meeting all the wonderful children and families of SNCT. 

Rachel Schramm, COTA/L


My name is Rachel Schramm. I am a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. I graduated from Neosho County Community College in 2016. I currently work in an Elementary school setting in Johnson County, KS. I am a wife, and a mom of 2 children ages 16, and 12. I enjoy watching movies, hanging with my family and friends, gardening, walking trails, watching my kids in their activities, and playing with my dog and cat.


I am a KOTA member (Kansas Occupational Therapy Association) and attend the annual conference each year! I am passionate about finding the “just right challenge” for your child and your family, as well as promoting growth and Independence in meaningful ways. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of St. Nicholas Children’s Therapies! I look forward to working with you and your child.

Rhiannon Wilhite, OTD

Rhiannon Wilhite is thrilled to join the team at St. Nicholas Children's Therapies as an Occupational Therapist for the summer. She recently graduated with her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from KU Med and is excited to start her career at SNCT, where she completed her first Level II fieldwork.

Rhiannon has always had a passion for working with kids and helping others, making her an excellent fit for the SNCT team. During the school year, she will be working with Infant Toddler Services, continuing her dedication to early childhood development.

Residing in the Kansas City area, Rhiannon enjoys going for walks, attending concerts, and spending time with loved ones. She shares her home with a 65-pound dog named Peanut, who keeps her active and entertained!


Neurodevelopment , Health, Movement, Wellbeing

St. Nicholas Children's Therapies embraces each child's unique and individual abilities. Each child's intervention plan is based on what is needed for success in activities of daily living, behaviors, and learning.  

A variety of approaches and evidenced-based interventions are utilized for optimal outcomes.

Approaches include:  Sensory, primitive reflexes, motor planning, timing, rhythm, visual perceptual, gross motor coordination, fine motor coordination, and more.

Peer model for older children when available.

Let's navigate for your child's success! 


SNCT has Expertise and Advanced Training in:

  • Baby & Child Neurodevelopment

  • School Readiness

  • Social Skills Development

  • Self-Regulation

  • Zones of Regulation

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Primitive Reflexes

  • Executive Functioning

  • Sensory Processing

  • Motor Coordination

  • Fine Motor

  • Anxiety

  • Adapting Behaviors

  • Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia

  • Autism and ADHD

  • Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual

  • Vestibular

  • Brain Gym

  • Bal-A-Vis-X (Rhythmic balance, auditory, & vision skills)

  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT)

  • Craniosacral Therapy (CST) & Manual Therapies

  • Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)

  • IEP's & 504's

  • Health and wellness.

  • Healthy habits and healthy routines

  • Neuro Nutrition and Sleep Routines

  • Activities of Daily Living

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